Votes for Women 100th Anniversary Toby Jug

Emmeline Pankhurst Toby Jug Bairstow PotteryVotes for Women 100th Anniversary Toby Jug

A Votes for Women 100th Anniversary Toby Jug. Especially produced by Bairstow Pottery. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Votes for Women campaign.

It portrays Emmeline Pankhurst. With the Votes for Women sash. In the suffragette colours.

Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist. Notably the leader of the British suffragette movement. Significantly helping women to win the right to vote.

Modelled by Ray Noble. One of the most gifted and ceramic modellers. Currently working in the UK pottery industry.

Bairstow Pottery Collectables produce the Toby Jug. In their factory. Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.  Who are well known for their production of political character jugs. In particular their British Prime Minister series of small Toby Jug.

Produced in a world-wide Limited Edition of 1000. In a variety of different colour ways. However, the colour-way illustrated is only available from Stoke Art Pottery. In very limited numbers.

The height of the Emmeline Pankhirst Toby Jug is 13cm.

Our on line price for this Toby Jug is £59.99

This price also includes UK post and packing. Similarly our international shipping rates are discounted. For our international customers.