Cobridge Stoneware Pottery Vases

Cobridge Stoneware Pottery Vases.

Cobridge Stoneware was in business 1998 – 2005.  It was an Associate company of Moorcroft Pottery.

All products were produced and hand painted in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

In addition to the brand Cobridge Stoneware. Vases were also produced under the name Black Ryden. The consequence of the business closing in down 2005. Is that the vases are now becoming very rare and demanding premium prices on the secondary market..

Our selection of Cobridge Stoneware Pottery Vases and Black Ryden are all pre-owned. They are all in excellent condition.

The designs for Cobridge Stoneware Pottery Vases were designed by well known ceramic designers. Many were also designing for Moorcroft Pottery. These designers include Philip Gibson, Kerry Goodwin, Nicola Slaney and Angela Davenport. Also Anita Harris and Samatha Johnson who have joined together to establish  Anita Harris Art Pottery.

In addition to hand painted vases. Cobridge Stoneware produced a range of grotesque birds. Designed by Andrew Hull. Designs inspired by the Martin Brothers.

On the closure of Cobridge Stoneware. The moulds and the designs were acquired by Burslem Pottery.  A selection of original designs may be viewed at Burslem Pottery Grotesque Birds. The original designs by Andrew Hull have his signature on the base.

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