Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

SHERLOCK HoLMES TeapotTotally different Gifts for Book Lovers. Hand-made and hand decorated teapots. Styled in stacks of  novels from their favourite author and novels.

Unique gifts for any occasion. Such as Christmas or Birthday Gifts. Anniversary gift for that special person.

The one cup tea pots are ideal gifts for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Produced in the UK. By Carters of Suffolk. Established in 1978. Well renowned for their collectors teapots.

Using traditional production methods. Each teapot is hand made. Then hand painted. Due to the hand painting process no two teapots are identical.

Additionally detail finish on large size teapots is completed using real gold glazes. And comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

All prices include UK Post and Packing.  As well as Discounted International Shipping Rates

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