Burslem Pottery Grotesque Birds


Yes, Burslem Pottery Grotesque Birds are different and unusual. Consequently they make a different and unique gift ideas. Especially that important Anniversary or noteworthy Birthday.

And of course they look splendid.  In any home after a home decoration or makeover.

Inspiration for the designs for the grotesque birds came from the designs of Martin Brothers. And are original designs.

burslem pottery grotesque birds the trial

Potters who were based in Southall London. At the end of the nineteenth.  And the beginning of the twentieth century. Well known for their bird sculptures and bowls. Fashioned in a whimsical but highly skilful style. Their original designs now realising many thousands of pounds.

Identically to the Martin Brothers birds. The Burslem Pottery Grotesque Birds heads lift off. To reveal a cavity in the body. Originally  intended to store pipe tobacco.

Burslem Pottery established in 2006. Acquiring the designs and moulds of Cobridge Stoneware. A company within the Moorcroft group companies. And  closed down by Moorcroft. Where many of the birds available were designed by Andrew Hull.  As a result the birds are now produced by Burslem Pottery. To the same exacting standards at Cobridge Stoneware as required by Moorcroft.

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