Mary Sparrow Grotesque Bird by Burslem Pottery


Hand Cast and Hand Decorated Stoneware Grotesque Bird Figure.

A Grotesque Bird from The Court Room Range.

Modelled and Designed by Andrew Hull.

With the signature of Andrew Hull impressed on the base.

Produced in Stoke on Trent.

Height 15cm.

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Mary Sparrow Grotesque Bird Figure. Produced by Burslem Pottery.

In their studio within Middleport Pottery.

Mary Sparrow is a Grotesque Bird from the Court Room range.

And she is the wife of Charlie. The accused.

Sitting quietly, praying that justice will be done.

Modelled and designed by Andrew Hull.

As a result each bird figure has the signature of Andrew impressed on the base

Made by using traditional production methods.

First of all cast by hand in UK earthenware. Then hand decorated.

Many colours and glazes are applied at the various stages of the hand decoration.

So that at the second firing. They develop and mature. and react.

To give the required finish.

The whole production process taking 5 – 6 working days.

Height 15cm.

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