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Anita Harris Art Pottery Shop.

anita harris pottery collageAnita Harris Art Pottery.  Hand cast and hand painted Art Pottery. Produced in Stoke on Trent.

Selection of Hand Painted Vases. With Modern and Contemporary Designs.

Designs by Anita Harris and Peter Harris.

In addition to many of standard ranges. We have available many designs and shapes. That are totally exclusive to Stoke Art Pottery,

Exclusive Designs include Studio Trials. One Offs. Exclusive Limited Editions and Ranges.

Each piece of pottery is hand painted using reactive glazes. Due to the hand painting process. No two vases are identical.

Slight different brush strokes. Slight difference in the colours. Make all these differences!

 Art Pottery that make excellent gifts for all occasions.

Weddings. Anniversaries. Birthdays and Retirement Gifts.

Anita Harris Art Pottery established in 2006.

Anita Harris has had an experience in some of the UK’s leading potteries including Poole Pottery where she was a senior designer and decorator, and also designing and decorating for Cobridge Stoneware Pottery. Which was part of the Moorcroft group of companies.  As well as being responsible for a number of new pottery glazes and designs, and her work includes exclusive designs for Liberty, Harrods, Tiffany and Bloomingdales.

Pieces of Pottery. Designed to be the Antiques of Tomorrow.

(Eric Knowles BBC Antiques Roadshow)

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