Platinum Jubilee Pottery Collections

Platinum Jubilee Pottery Collections.

Pottery Jubilee Pottery Collections. A selection of hand made and hand painted pottery. Produced in Stoke on Trent Especially for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.

A selection of pottery that will treasured as a memento of the occasion. And are great gift ideas for many occasions.

First of all we have the Hand Made and Hand Painted Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Toby Jugs. Produced by Bairstow Pottery in Stoke on Trent. Available in several colours reflecting the many different colours worn by the queen.

Then we have the selection of hand painted art pottery vases. Produced by Anita Harris Art Pottery. Each design is produced in a strictly Limited Edition. And comes with a signed Certificate of Authentication.

Each vase features a stunning stylised tree cascading with purple blossom. Hand painted with platinum lustre. In addition to a “Mother of Pearl” lustre and tube-lining. Really fabulous vases.

Then no Platinum Jubilee Pottery Collections. Would not be complete without a mug and trinket box. Produced by CD Heritage Designs. Hand gilded using real platinum. (Available end of April).

Importantly all our prices include UK Post & Packing

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