American Presidents Toby Jugs, UK Hand Made & Hand Painted

American Presidents Toby Jugs.

President Barack Obama Toby Jug

President Barack Obama Toby Jug

American Presidents Toby Jugs. All hand made and hand painted.  Produced in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. The heart of the UK Pottery industry. By Bairstow Pottery. Who are world renowned for their Toby Jugs. Particularly their Toby Jugs portraying Winston Churchill. And their range of Limited Edition of British Prime Ministers.

Included in the hand made hand painted American Presidents Toby Jugs. Is a range of Limited Edition of 1500. Each one portraying one of the American Presidents.

In addition to that range we have a range of special designs notably of George W Bush and Donald Trump. Then two special editions portraying President Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Dwight D, Eisenhower. From the World War ll Allied Leaders Collection.

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Bairstow Pottery Collectables.

Established in 1936. Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. The capital of the UK pottery industry. They are well renowned for the Political Toby Jugs and Figures. Using traditional production methods. All their products are handmade and hand painted,

Stoke Art Pottery.

Established in 2006. Selling high quality pottery and ceramics . Produced by Leading UK and International Potters.