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paul cardew of cardew teapotsPaul Cardew has been producing his Cardew Teapots since 1975.

Particularly good gift ideas for teapot collectors. They also make different and unique gifts for any occasion. Birthdays or Christmas. Even Anniversaries. They all display well in any room.

In contrast to the well known Cardew Teapots designed by Paul Cardew. Mostly preowned. Which we acquire from time to time. We now have new exciting Alice in Wonderland Designs. Hand Made and Hand Decorated. At the famous Teapottery. Based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. By Ceramic Inspirations

As well as the Alice in Wonderland Hand Made Teapots. We have another great selection of Cardew Teapots. With Disney designs. Including Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. Along with many more with the great designs by Paul Cardew.

Additionally all these Cardew Teapots have the Paul Cardew signature backstamp on the base.

Great gift ideas for all occasions. And for all ages.

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