Gifts for Teapot Collectors

Gifts for Teapot Collectors.

HOT ROD 100 TeapotUnique selection of Gifts for Teapot Collectors. Hand made and hand painted teapots. Produced by the leading potters Based in the UK. As well as great designs by Paul Cardew. Illustrating characters from Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. On traditional shaped teapots. Made by leading international potters. And distributed in the UK by Ceramic Inspirations.

Collectable and Novelty Teapots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ranging from a variety of different animals. Teapots depicting cats or dogs are a great favourite. Kitchen gadgets including food mixers and coffee grinders. Modern day forms of transport. Such as Land Rovers and Trains.

Rocket Man Teapot Two Cup Carters of Suffolk.

And Collectible and Novelty Teapots have been produced since the early 18th century. One of the most famous is the “Tee-Pee” Teapot. Produced by Clarice Cliff in the 1950’s. Which can now fetch between £800 and £1200 on the secondary market. Produced for the Canadian market. It features a totem pole for the handle. With the spout in the shape of a Indian Chief. Wearing the traditional head


Importantly our Gifts for Teapot Collectors. Also make excellent gift ideas. For family and friends who have a hobby or interest represented by one of our hand made and decorated teapots.

Not too sure if any of  the teapots that we have available. Will increase in value. Such as the Clarice Cliff  “Tee-Pee” Teapot. However you never know!!

In the late 20th century Paul Cardew was probably the leading manufacturer and designer of collectible and teapots in the world. Resulting in many of his teapots now achieving premium prices on the secondary market.

Hand Made and Hand Decorated  Collectible Teapots.

Gifts for Teapot Collectors. As well as gifts for family and friends who enjoy receiving something different and unique. Gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

In addition to the brand new teapots. We offer from time to time pre-owned teapots. That we have acquired on the secondary market.

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