Tony Cartlidge Ceramic Artist Hand Painted Vases

Tony Cartlidge Ceramic Artist.

Tony Cartlidge Ceramic Artist. One of many freelance ceramic artists working from their own studios based in Stoke on Trent.

Producing hand drawn, hand painted ceramic art pottery. “Art painted on ceramics”.

And his hand painted designs that we have available. Specifically produced and  totally exclusive to Stoke Art Pottery. In fact many of them being “one off” designs,

Tony has extensive experience working in the Stoke on Trent pottery industry. Having been a free -lance ceramic modeller and artist for many years.

In addition to hand painting ceramics. He is an acclaimed modeller. Especially modelling teapots and toby jugs.

As a result he worked with many of the well- known pottery manufacturers. Including Royal Doulton, Carlton Ware, Staffordshire Fine Ceramics and Bairstow Manor Collectables

In 2002 he designed and modelled a series of two sided teapots for Royal Doulton. Produced in a world wide limited edition of 1500.

One his most exciting projects being involved in modelling “The World’s Largest Toby Jug”.

Standing over three feet tall. Commissioned by American Toby Jug Museum. Based near to Chicago in the USA.

Tony modelled it, building the three- foot Toby Jug around a barrel and a bucket. Originally planned as a limited edition of fifty.

The first delivered to the museum in 1999. And others available by special order. Less than ten were actually made.


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