Carlton Ware Hand Painted Pottery Vases

Carlton Ware Hand Painted Pottery Vases are well known all around the world. They have a extensive range of designs and shapes. The business started way back in 1890. However, it was not until 1958 when the company became known as Carlton Ware Ltd.

The change of name did not really help Carlton Ware Pottery. In 1997 the Carlton Ware Pottery was saved by Frank Salmon (Francis Joseph). He acquired the rights the Carlton Ware, the Trade Name, and many of the moulds. Information about this new beginning can be found on page 210 of “Carlton Ware The Complete Guide” by Dr Czes & Yvonne Kosniowski.

Whilst from time to time we hope to have in stock vases with the well known traditional designs. Which were produced prior to 1997. At the present time we are concentrating on the new designs produced by Carlton Ware. Generally they used very expensive glazes and finishes. These included gold enamel. Silver and platinum glazes.

This new range of Carlton Ware Hand Painted Pottery Vases are all hand painted by the most experienced ceramic artists based in Stoke on Trent. These include Marie Graves and Tony Cartlidge.

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