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Hand Crafted High Fired Porcelain.

Set of 4 15oz Cat Tea Cat Mugs.

A very colourful designed mug. Portraying numerous breeds of cats around the side of the mug.

Designed by Paul Cardew.

With the Paul Cardew Back Stamp Signature on the base,

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Cat Tea Cat Mugs.

Set of Four 15 oz Cat Tea Cat Mugs.

Produced by Paul Cardew International.

A very colourful designed mug. Portraying numerous breeds of cats around the side of the mug.

Affordable gift for cat lovers, And they go great with our Cat Tea Two Cup Teapot

Made from High Fired Porcelain.

With the Paul Cardew Signature Back-stamp on the base.


Our price for the Set of Four 15oz Cat Tea Cat Mugs is £32.99.

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We stock a large selection of pottery. Designed by Paul Cardew. Imported and distributed in the UK by Ceramic Inspirations. In addition to other hand made and hand painted teapots designed by Paul Cardew. Produced at their Tea-pottery based in Leyburn North Yorkshire.

Ceramic Inspirations / Paul Cardew.

Ceramic Inspirations based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire . At the world famous Tea-pottery.  In addition to the hand made and hand painted teapots. For which the Tea-pottery has been well known for well over thirty years. They are the UK importers and distributors of teapots, mugs and tea cups produced by Paul Cardew International.

All designed by Paul Cardew in England. Well known for his ceramic designs. And many of the products have the Paul Cardew Signature Back Stamp on the base.

Paul has been designing ceramics for many years. In fact, he was the designer of the Nat West Piggy Banks. Which were given away in the 1970’s by the National Westminster Bank. Upon opening new savings accounts with them.

As well as this these  15oz Cat Tea Cat Mugs.  We have a selection of other mugs designed by Paul Cardew. Including Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan.

Stoke Art Pottery.

Established in 2006. Selling high quality pottery and ceramics online. And are proud to be stockists for Paul Cardew International products.




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