Bailiff Grotesque Bird Figure Burslem Pottery


Hand Cast and Hand Decorated Stoneware Grotesque Bird Figure.

A Grotesque Bird from The Court Room Range.

Modelled and Designed by Andrew Hull.

With the signature of Andrew Hull impressed on the base.

Inspired by the Martin Brothers pottery from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Produced in Stoke on Trent.

Height 28cm

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The Bailiff Grotesque Bird Figure. Hand-made and hand painted stoneware pottery. Produced by Burslem Pottery at their studio based within the Middleport Pottery. In Burslem Stoke on Trent.

The Bailiff Grotesque Bird Figure is from the Court Room range. Who keeps an eye on “Charlie the Accused” during the trial. This stocky grotesque bird looks like he spends most of is free time in the gym!

Modelled and designed by Andrew Hull. While he was working at Cobridge Stoneware. A pottery which had been part of the Moorcroft group of companies. Until it was closed down in 2005. And has the Andrew Hull signature impressed on the base. As well as the Burslem Pottery markings.

Height 28cm.

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Burslem Pottery.

Burslem Pottery, in its present form. Established in 2006. Acquiring the moulds and design rights of Cobridge Stoneware. A pottery which had recently closed down. That had been a company within the Moorcroft group of companies.

Including the designs acquired. The Grotesque Birds designs.  Designed by Andrew Hull. Inspired by the designs of Martin Brothers.

The owner Tracy Bently. Who had worked for Moorcroft and Cobridge Stoneware. Well known by the collectors of Moorcroft and Cobridge Stoneware. Continues to produce pottery in the Cobridge Stoneware style. Including the Grotesque Birds.

The process to produce one of the Grotesque Birds has several stages. Including firing  at a very high temperature.  Each one is made from mould castings. Pieced together using a slip mixture to complete the figure. The seams from the moulds need to cleaned off. A process that can take hours to complete. Before the first firing. It is left to dry.

It must be completely dry, if not, it may crack during that firing. During the firings at a high temperature,

After the first firing it is ready to be decorated. Hand painted with coloured oxide glazes. That change colour during the second and final firing.

In fact a process that takes a total of five to six working days to complete.

Due to the hand painting process. No two Grotesque Birds are identical.

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