Nurse Teapot Two Cup Teapot from Carters of Suffolk


Hand Made Hand Panted Pottery Collectors Teapot.

“Nurse” Two Cup Teapot

In the shape of  a nurse in a traditional Nurse’s uniform.

Produced in the UK by Carters of Suffolk.


Height 23cm.

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A Nurse Teapot.

The Nurse Teapot. Depicting a nurse. In a traditional nurses uniform.

A two cup teapot. Hand made and hand painted. Produced by Carters of Suffolk. At their Teapot Pottery. Based in Suffolk, England.

Gift ideas for many different occasions. Particularly for Nurses. And Teapot Collectors.

Our online price for the Two Cup Nurse Teapot is £44.90

Including UK Post & Packing (Standard Delivery).

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It is boxed.

Height 23cm

Stoke Art Pottery are stockists for Carters of Suffolk products. In addition to this Two Cup Nurse Teapot. We stock a large selection of their products. With immediate despatch. And our prices include UK post and packing. In addition we also discount the International Shipping Rates.

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Established in 1978. Well renowned for their hand made, hand decorated teapots. As well as this Nurse  Teapot. They produce a wide range of novelty and collectable teapots. In a variety of different shapes and sizes. In fact we believe teapots that would be suitable for any gift idea.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement Gifts. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day, the list is endless.

Using traditional production methods. Each teapot is hand made. Using a semi-porcelain, high temperature clay. Then hand painted. With many of the teapots. Having the detail finish completed using real gold and platinum glazes.

The hand painting of an individual teapot can take the skilled ceramic painter up to one hour to complete.

Due to the hand painting process. No two teapots are exactly the same. In effect making each teapot different and unique.

With the production process requiring several firings. It takes 5 – 6 working days to produce one of Carters of Suffolk unique teapots.

As a result, a hand made, hand painted pottery product. Totally made in the UK.


Establish 2006, selling high quality pottery and ceramics from Leading potters online


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