Alice White Rabbit Teapot Design by Paul Cardew


Hand Made Hand Painted One Cup Tea Pot.

Made in the UK. By Ceramic Inspirations.

At their world famous “teapottery” based in Leyburn N. Yorkshire.

Designed by Paul Cardew.

The Paul Cardew Signature Back Stamp is on the base.

Height 15cm.


Manufacturers RRP £74.00

Our online price £66.00

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Alice White Rabbit Teapot.

This is a Alice White Rabbit Teapot. A one cup teapot. Modelled on the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

In his hand is a copy of the Wonderland Times. Whilst carrying his umbrella in the other hand. With his famous pocket watch pocking out of his waistcoat pocket.

Gift idea for the Alice in Wonderland Collector. And the fans of Alice in Wonderland stories. In addition to the Teapot Collector.

Designed by Paul Cardew.

It has the Paul Cardew Signature Backstamp on the base.

Produced in the UK. By Ceramic Inspirations in their factory.  Based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. Where it is hand crafted. And individually hand painted by their craftswomen and craftsmen.

The dimensions of this teapot . From the tip of the spout to the edge of the handle 19cm. With a overall height including the lid 15cm

Together with its own box.

Manufacturers RRP £74.00.

Our online price for the Alice White Rabbit Teapot is £66.00

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