Platinum Jubilee Vase Hand Painted Anita Harris Art Pottery

Queen Elizabeth ll Platinum Jubilee Vase Hand Painted by Anita Harris Art Pottery.

Now available Queen Elizabeth ll Platinum Jubilee Vase. Produced and hand painted by Anita Harris Art Pottery. At their studio based in Stoke on Trent.

Inspired by Her Majesty’s love of trees they have designed and hand painted a collection of three beautiful Limited Edition Vases. And Stoke Art Pottery being major stockists for Anita Harris Art Pottery products. Are pleased to be able to supply these vases. Particularly the large 35cm Vase. Which is a Limited Edition of only 10 vases.

Each of these  vases feature a stunning stylised tree cascading  with purple blossom. Hand painted with a platinum lustre. Together with a “Mother of Pearl” lustre tube-lining. And a rich purple enamel. They have a minimum of four firings to achieve the high gloss platinum finish. And to build up each layer of all the various colours and lustres.

Click on the vase you would like to view:-

17cm Bud Vase Price £119.99 Limited Edition 70

15cm Round Posy Vase £ £174.99 Limited Edition 70

34cm Tulip Shaped Vase £595.00 Limited Edition 10 ( ONLY TWO AVAILABLE).

Designed and hand painted by Anita Harris. Then glazed and fired by Peter Harris.

They are all numbered and personally signed on the base by Anita Harris, And come with a signed Certificate of Authentication.

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Platinum Jubilee 34cm Vase Anita Harris Art Pottery


Established in 2006. Well known for their vibrant and colourful designs. Designs described by Henry Sandon OBE and Eric Knowles, (BBC Antiques Road Show and BBC Bargain Hunt). To be “Antiques of the Future”.

Prior to setting up her own Art Pottery studio. Anita was Head of Design for ten years at Poole Pottery. Designs becoming very popular with Poole Pottery collectors. In addition to successful ranges designed for many of the prestige stores. Including Harrods and John Lewis.

Then in the year 2000. Anita moved to Stoke on Trent to get married. And she became one of the Leading Designers at Moorcroft. Also producing designs for Cobridge Stoneware. And again her designs became extremely popular.

Anita now joined by her son Peter. Claimed to have inherited the talents of his mother. Make the perfect team to continue making British Art Pottery. Produced totally in Stoke on Trent.

Having studied art design at Salisbury College of Art. And with Sarum Metalcraft. He his the perfect addition with sculpture, metal work and design skills. In fact many of his designs are already much sought after.


Establish 2006, selling high quality pottery and ceramics from Leading potters online. And have been selling Anita Harris Art products since 2006.