Carlton Ware New Designs

Carlton Ware – A New Era

Carlton Ware Vase Smokey Kilns Design

Carlton Ware Vase Smokey Kilns Design

Although Carlton Ware was founded in 1890. Using the Carlton Ware back-stamp from 1894. Producing fine ceramics and collectables for over one hundred years. The business became dormant in 1992.

The business name was saved in 1997. When Frank Salmon of Francis Joseph acquired the business.. With the objective of continuing the good name of Carlton Ware. Producing fine quality ceramics and collectables. To be made and produced in the United Kingdom. An objective which has been achieved.

In addition to the business name Frank also purchased many of the original moulds. Along with some pre production models.

A new era for name Carlton Ware.

Frank outsourced all the production to various potters and ceramic artists based in Stoke on Trent. Ensuring that the good name of Carlton Ware continued. Being produced by some of the best potters in the world.

Recently a new range of vases have been produced. Using platinum and gold glazes. They all have the genuine Carlton Ware back stamp. A selection of studio trials using these glazes. In fantastic and exciting designs. Are available in our on-line shop.

These have all be hand painted by a ceramic artist Tony Cartlidge.

Carlton Ware Vase Flirt Butterfly Design

Carlton Ware Vase Flirt Butterfly Design

Tony Cartlidge a well experienced ceramic artist and designer. Working for many of the well known potteries based in Stoke on Trent. Tony designed the double headed teapots produced by Royal Doulton in 2002. See Charlton Standard Catalogue “Royal Doulton Jugs” , 10th Edition. Edited by Jean Dale.

Tony is also now working freelance from his studio in Stoke on Trent. A selection of his designs are availableĀ in our on-line shop. Including many designs which are totally exclusive to Stoke Art Pottery. These include the canal , and artisan series of designs.

In addition to continue commissioning vases. Frank commissioned various collectables. A set of female figures set in flowers – these are still being produced today – The Carlton Kids which were produced from the original moulds. Which had not been previously used. Which had been stored since the second world war.

Other collectables include the Red Baron and Blue Max teapots. These were also produced in other colour ways. Portraying in the cockpit Winston Churchill and Elvis Presley. As well as many other well known personalities. Also very popular with collectors were the Enid Blyton’s Golly and The Snowmen.

Carlton Ware also continued to produce hand painted vases. In the well known traditional Carlton Ware style. Many of these vases were hand decorated by ceramic artists, Marie and Peter Graves.

Photographs of their work can be seen in Carlton Ware The Complete Guide by Dr Czes & Yvonne Kosniowski. Page 209 a lidded pot in the design Red Devil hand painted by Marie Graves. And on page 211 Koi Carp by Peter Graves. There is also photographs of designs by Peter and Marie. On pages 66 – 70 in The Carlton Ware Collectors Hand Book. Written by David Serpell. Published by Francis Joseph Publications (2004).

Peter and Marie Graves now work freelance. Producing hand painted ceramics in their studio. Based in Stoke on Trent. In addition to freehand paintings for Elliot Hall Enamels based in Worcester.

In our on-line shop you will find a selection of ceramics. Hand painted by Marie and Peter Graves.

Including the new range of art deco style designs by Marie.

Stoke Art Pottery have been established over ten years. Selling on-line. Hand-made and hand decorated pottery. All produced in the UK.