Anita Harris Art Pottery New Design Blue Fantastique

Anita Harris Art Pottery New Design Blue Fantastique



The Anita Harris Art Pottery new design Blue Fantastique. It is a new design totally exclusive to Stoke Art Pottery.

It is being produced on a brand new shape of vase.  That has been  introduced to the Anita Harris Art Pottery range of shapes that they have available.

It is a art deco style shaped vase. A Yo-Yo vase. The height of this new vase is 23cm.

Here at Stoke Art Pottery are very pleased. To be the first to offer a brand new design. In a brand new shaped vase.

Another first for Stoke Art Pottery.

Many of our customers ask, how are the names of designs decided. Normally the answer is inspiration, and occasionally a little thought.

However, it was decided that for this brand new shape of vase. We would ask our customers and collectors for suggestions for a name of the first design on the Yo-Yo vase.

We had many suggestions. Thank you to everyone who e-mailed suggestions to us. We hope that you enjoy browsing our web-site. Spending your gift vouchers.

After much consideration, Anita Harris decided that the best suggestion. To name the design  “Blue Fantastique”.

This name for this design “Blue Fantastique was suggested by Mrs E Jackson of Kidderminster.

Mrs Jackson thought that the design was a art deco style design. Reminded her of the Bizarre design by Clarice Cliff. Bizarre means fantastic.  The design “Blue Fantastique” was borne.

This new Anita Harris Art Pottery design Blue Fantastique. It is totally exclusive to  Stoke Art Pottery.  Blue Fantastique on the Yo-Yo vase. It Is being produced in a world-wide Limited Edition of only five.

Each vase will individually, and personally signed by Anita Harris, on the base.

In addition to the Limited Edition of five in the Blue Fantastique design.  Stoke Art Pottery also have five Yo-Yo vases in one off designs.

Anita Harris Art Pottery is all hand-made and hand decorated in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Stoke Art Pottery, now established for over ten years. Selling on-line. Hand-made and hand decorated pottery. Produced in the UK.

The Anita Harris Art Pottery new design Blue Fantastique is an excellent addition. To the range of hand made and hand decorated pottery. That we offer on our web-site.

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