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Moorland Pottery.

Wagon (Train) Collectable Novelty Teapot.

1st Colourway Trial.

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Wagon Collectable Novelty Teapot

Wagon Collectable Novelty Teapot.

Being produced by Moorland Pottery.

In their factory based in Stoke on Trent.

This collectable teapot is in the shape of a wagon.

That would be seen in a wagon train travelling in the USA.

It was designed by Roy Simpson in 2001.

And this is the 1st colour way trial.

Making it a very rare collectable and novelty teapot.

It is hand made and hand decorated.

It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

The length of the teapot is 25cm.

Our on-line price for this collectable teapot is £49.95.

With a delivery time of one to two days.

However, next day delivery is available at an additional cost of only £5.00.

We also ship world-wide.

And are able to offer very competitive international shipping rates.

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