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Mode De Paris Novelty Teapot

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This Richard Parrington Mode De Paris Novelty. Is a very rare novelty teapot. Therefore it will make the perfect gift. For any occasion. For the teapot collector. Then there is the friend, colleague or relative. Who is starting a collection of Novelty Teapots.

Richard Parrington is famed for his unusual and different designs of novelty teapots.

And this teapot is a very unusual design. Perhaps he had Milliners in mind when he designed this teapot. Our reseach has found a similar design by Richard Parrington. A design with shoes and handbags. In place of the hats in this teapot.

Using traditional production methods. First of all the teapots were hand cast. Then hand painted.

The dimensions of this teapot . From the tip of the spout to the edge of the handle 32cm. With a overall height including the lid is 20cm.

It should be noted, That this Novelty Teapot is pre-owned. However, it is in excellent condition.

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