Paul Cardew Tea Time Teapot Made for Ringtons Tea


Hand Crafted, Hand Decorated & Hand Painted Collectors Teapot.

Made in the UK by Paul Cardew Designs.

Large Teapot in the “Tea Time” Design.

Produced exclusively for Ringtons Tea.

World Wide Limited Edition of 7500.

In addition to the Paul Cardew signature it is numbered 3025/7500 on the base.

NOTE – This item is pre-owned. It is in good condition except for two minor defects with glazes on the bun on the Teddy Bear plate, and the pink cushion on the arm chair. There are no cracks or chips.

Dimensions : Overall Length 23cm : Height 16cm : Depth of the base 14cm.

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Paul Cardew Tea Time Teapot.

Paul Cardew Tea Time Teapot. Handcrafted, hand painted and hand decorated teapot. Produced in the UK by Cardew Designs. Exclusively for Ringtons Tea. In a Limited Edition of 7500. This one is numbered on the base 3025/7500.

In addition to having the signature of Paul Cardew printed on the base.

A teapot shaped as a large arm chair. With a Teddy Bear sitting on it eating his tea. A plate of buns  on his knee. The Teddy Bear being the lid to the teapot.

Great gift idea for many different occasions. Especially for Teapot Collectors. Particularly collectors of Paul Cardew designed teapots. As well as collectors of Ringtons Tea collectables.

NOTE – This item is pre-owned. It is in very good condition. There is slight rubbing of the gold glaze on the bun on the plate being held by the Teddy Bear,  And there is a very minute piece of paint missing from the pink cushion.  There are no chips or cracks.

Dimensions : Overall Length 23cm : Height 16cm : Depth of the base 14cm.

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As well as selling art pottery. We also specialize in selling hand-made hand painted teapots. Both new and pre-owned.  The full selection of these teapots can viewed in a gifts for teapot collectors category.

Paul Cardew International Designs

Paul Cardew world renowned ceramic designer. Especially for his amazing Limited Edition Teapots. Produced at the well-known Teapottery based in Leyburn North Yorkshire.

As well as being well known for his teapots. Paul Cardew was the designer and the original Manufacturer of the famous Nat West Pigs. Especially for savers opening up new accounts with the National Westminster Bank.

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