Garden Chair Teapot Designer Richard Parrington


Hand Made Hand Decorated Pottery Teapot.

Made in the UK.

Designed by Richard Parrington.

Pre-owned. In good condition.

Height 26cm : Length 30cm.

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Garden Chair Teapot. Designed by Richard Parrington.

Hand Made. Then Hand Painted.

Made in the UK.

Using traditional production methods. It takes 5 – 6 days to complete the production process.

It is in the shape of a tradional garden chair. A trug with a garden trowel in it is placed on the seat. Along side some plant pots. And a watering can at the side.

Pre-owned. It is in good condition.

Height 26cm : Length 30cm.

Our online price for the Garden Chair Teapot is £99.95.

Free UK Post and Packing (1-2 day delivery).

Discounted International Shipping.

Richard Parrington, well known for his unusual and different designed tea pots.

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