Decorative Teapots of Alice in Wonderland

decorative teapots

Decorative Teapots are a great gift.  Such as the range of Alice Wonderland Teapots. Which include some excellent and ingenious designs. Designed by Paul Cardew. Who is well known for his decorative teapots designs. These teapots feature many of the major Alice characters – Cheshire Cat, March Hare. And of course Alice herself, along with Dormouse, Playing card knights. Together with Mad Hatter as the lid.

Then our other featured Alice in Wonderland decorative teapots are time related. Then the White Rabbit figural teapot shows the white rabbit dressed in his finest attire. With the pocket watch in his waist coat pocket.  Finally the other teapot is a more traditional shaped novelty teapot.  Which is in the shape of a pocket watch with the face featuring the famous line I’m late I’m Late.

The new decorative teapots in our Alice in Wonderland giftware section include

  • Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Novelty Teapot
  • Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Novelty Teapot
  • Alice in Wonderland Teapot Paul Cardew Design