Yellow Poppy Design Slim Jug Old Tupton Ware


Hand Crafted, Tube-lined, Hand Decorated Vase.

Old Tupton Ware Slim Jug.

Yellow Poppy Design

Height 25cm. (Approximately).


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Yellow Poppy Design Slim Jug.

The Yellow Poppy Design Slim Jug. Hand Crafted, Tube-lined and Hand Painted Pottery. Produced by Old Tupton Ware.

A beautiful design. A deep red poppy design on a yellow background.

An affordable gift for any occasion.

You can of course. Buy one just for you!

Height 25cm. Approx.


Our on-line price for the Old Tupton Ware Yellow Poppy Design Slim Jug is only £41.99p

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As major stockists for Old Tupton Ware, we are able to offer a full range of their hand painted painted vases.

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Old Tupton Ware,

Established in 2002. It has origins in the rural village of Old Tupton in Derbyshire. Still continues to be made in the same factory. At the same high quality for which Old Tupton Ware is renowned. Produced in many different designs from the UK. On diverse range of shapes. Making it a collection of unique ceramics. All at affordable prices.

Using traditional production methods. Each piece Old Tupton Ware pottery is hand crafted. Then tube-lined and hand decorated.

Due to the tube-lining and hand decoration process. No two pieces of Old Tupton Ware are identical. Ensuring that each piece of pottery is different and unique.

Importantly making your gift that little bit extra special.

Stoke Art Pottery.

Established in 2006. Selling high quality pottery and ceramics online. “Authorised” resellers for Old Tupton Ware products,








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