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Yalta Conference 1945 Figure.

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This Yalta Conference 1945 figure. Will make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift idea. Or perhaps a surprise Father’s day or Mother’s day gift.  Especially for a collector of political items. Then of course, for a collector of Winston Churchill memorabilia.

This figure portrays President Franklin D Roosevelt of the United States of America. Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom. And Premier Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. When they met at Yalta in Crimea. In February 1945. To discuss the final defeat of Nazi Germany.

Initially modelled by Ray Noble. One of the most gifted ceramic modellers. Currently working in the UK pottery industry. Then put into production at the Bairstow Pottery Collectables factory. Based in Stoke on Trent.  Using traditional production methods. The figure is hand cast. Then hand-painted. The whole production process taking five to six working days.

The dimensions of the Yalta Conference 1945 figure. Length 22cm. Height 18cm

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