Winston Churchill Bricklayer Figure Bairstow Pottery


Hand Made Hand Painted Churchill Figure.

“Winston Churchill the Bricklayer”

Made in Stoke on Trent by Bairstow Pottery.

A figure from The Life & Times range of Churchill figures.

Series Limited Edition of 3000.

Limited Production Colourway.

Light Brown Jacket, Light Brown Waist Coat, Blue Tie & Brown Hat.

Height 25cm,

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Winston Chuchill Bricklayer Figure.

A Winston Churchill Bricklayer Figure. Portraying Churchill bricklaying. With the trowel in his right hand. and the brick to be laid in his left hand. And the bag of cement between his legs.

Hand made and hand painted pottery. Produced in Stoke on Trent. By Bairstow Pottery.

In fact Churchill was well known to enjoy bricklaying using it to relax.

Gift Idea for the Churchill Collector. And collectors of political figures and political memorabilia.

A figure from “The Life and Times” range of Winston Churchill range of figures.

The series is a a Limited Edition of 3000. However each colourway has Limited Production. This one is produced with light brown jacket, light brown waist coat, blue tie. And a brown hat.

And numbered 334/3000.

Height 25cm.

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Established 1936. Initially producing pottery fancy goods. However, when Roger Bairstow took over in 1979. When Percy his father retired. Roger decided to concentrate production on the making of political character jugs and figures.

(see page 36 Toby & Character Jugs of the 20th Century and their Makers – David C Fastenau & Stephen M Mullins.Published by Kevin James Publishing),

Now well renown for their political Toby Jugs and Figures. Particularly their British Prime Minister series of Toby Jugs. Which includes Toby Jugs of all British Prime Ministers from the 1920’s. To the present day. Including Boris Johnson.

Based in Stoke on Trent.  Bairstow Pottery are the only pottery currently producing Toby Jugs in the UK.

Using traditional production methods. Each figure is hand made. Using earthenware clay fired up 1215 degrees. Which renders the body to be non porous. Then hand painted. This non porous finish enables the ceramic painter to achieve a smooth finish.

Due to the hand painting process. No two figures  are exactly the same. In effect making each figure produced different and unique.

With the production process requiring several firings. It takes 5 – 6 working days to produce one of Bairstow Pottery unique products.

As a result, a hand made, hand made product. Totally made in the UK.


Establish 2006, selling high quality pottery and ceramics from Leading potters online. And  authorised resellers of Bairstow Pottery products.







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