Snowdrop Design Triangle Vase Anita Harris Art Pottery


Hand Decorated Art Pottery.

Produced in Stoke on Trent,

Personally signed on the base by Anita Harris.

Height 22cm.

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A 22cm  Snowdrop Design Triangle Vase.  Produced by Anita Harris Art Pottery.

Based in Stoke on Trent.

The Snowdrop design is one of the open stock designs.

Accordingly it is signed on the base by the Ceramic Artist Anita Harris.

Hand painted using reactive glazes. And it is these glazes. That gives each vase produced. That vibrant and colourful finish. A technique which they have perfected over many years. As a result each piece of pottery produced.  Requires several firings during the decorating process.

As a resuly of the hand painting process. No two pieces of pottery produced are exactly the same. Therefore each piece of pottery produced is slightly different.

Specifically the bisque used  by Anita Harris Art Pottery is hand cast in Stoke on Trent. Using traditional production methods.

Our online price for this Snowdrop Design Triangle Vase. Produced by Anita Harris Pottery is £69.95.

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Anita Harris Art Pottery established in 2006. By two leading ceramic artists. Anita Harris and Samatha Johnson.

Before moving to Stoke on Trent. To work at Moorcroft as a Leading Designer. Anita Harris  had been a senior designer at Poole Pottery. Whilst Samatha (Sam) Johnson. Also a Leading Designer with Moorcroft.

Both well known for their designs. And acclaimed by collectors of art pottery. For Poole Pottery, Cobridge Stoneware and Moorcroft.

Now joined by Peter Harris. Son of Anita. Who has inherited his mother’s talent.

Stoke Art Pottery have been selling Anita Harris Art Pottery  products since 2006.


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