Sneyd Colliery Design Vase Cobridge Stoneware


Hand Made Hand Painted Stoneware Vase.

27cm High Fired Stoneware Vase on the “Sneyd Colliery Design.

Produced in 1999 by Cobridge Stoneware at their factory based in Stoke on Trent.

(Cobridge Stoneware was part of the Moorcroft group of companies)

A design by Philip Gibson. Portraying the “pit head” of the Sneyd Colliery. A coal mine in the same locality as the Moorcroft Pottery and Cobridge Stoneware factories.

A rare piece of Cobridge Stoneware. Particularly since the Cobridge Stoneware works were closed down in 2005.

NOTE – This item is pre-owned. It is in excellent condition. No chips, cracks or restoration, And is factory “first” quality.

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Sneyd Colliery Design Vase – Cobridge Stoneware.

A Sneyd Colliery Design Vase. Hand crafted hand painted stoneware vase. Produced by Cobridge Stoneware. At their factory based in Stoke on Trent.

Design by Philip Gibson. Portraying the Pit Head of a coal mine in the locality of the Cobridge Stoneware / Moorcroft factory. Which was named the “Sneyd Colliery”.

A very rare piece of Cobridge Stoneware. Produced in 1999. Dated on the base 19.8.99.

Excellent gift idea for any occasion. For collectors of stoneware pottery produced in Stoke on Trent. As well as the collectors of Cobridge Stoneware. Particularly since the factory was closed down in 2005.

Note – This item is pre-owned- However it is in excellent condition. Having no chips, cracks or restoration. It has all the factory marking on the base. And is “first” quality.

Height 27cm (10 inches)

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Cobridge Stoneware.

Cobridge Stoneware. Established 2008 by Hugh Edwards. Managing Director of Moorcroft. For the purpose of discovering the technique of decorating high fired stoneware with an identifiable design.

A technique that had apparently eluded a William Howson Taylor. A potter who had been selling high fired stoneware as Ruskin Pottery. However, when Howson-Taylor died, he took his own stoneware secrets to the grave.

So after nearly after two years starting in 2008. As a result of thousands of trials. In 2009 the Cobridge project achieved its first objective. To produce high-fired stoneware in an oxidised firing with an identifiable design.

Already having many talented ceramic designers working with Moorcroft. Including Philip Gibson. Who designed this Sneyd Colliery Design Vase. The team of designers went on to produce many outstanding designs. Which were much sort out by collectors.

However in 2005, Hugh Edwards decided that the “stoneware” project did not really fit in with his business strategy with Moorcroft. Consequently sold the moulds and the business designs to ex-employees of Moorcroft.

Trading as Burslem Pottery. Using the production techniques discovered at Cobridge Stoneware. They continue to produce high fired stoneware pottery.

As well as stocking rare pieces of Cobridge Stoneware pottery. We also stock a large range of Burslem Pottery stoneware products. Including the grotesque birds, inspired by the Martin Brothers, designed by Andrew Hull whilst he was working at Cobridge Stoneware. Just click Burslem Pottery to browse our current stock of their products.

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