Pit Head Design Blue Purse Vase Lucy Goodwin Designs


Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Art Pottery.

Produced in Stoke on Trent.

Lucy Goodwin Designs.

Mini Purse Vase in the Pit Head Design.

Blue colourway.

Height 8cm.

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Pit Head Design Blue Purse Vase.

A Pit Head Design Blue Purse Vase. Small purse vase produced by Lucy Goodwin Designs. In her small studio based in Stoke on Trent.

Lucy Goodwin ceramic designs. Are all about individuality and style. With the ability to create a piece of ceramic art. Using traditional production skills. Incorporating both hand and spray painting.

Affordable gifts for any occasion.

Height 8 cm.

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This Pit Head Design Blue Purse Vase. Just one of the many of the pieces of art pottery. Currently in stock. Produced in Stoke on Trent. Click British Art Pottery.

Lucy Goodwin Designs.

Established in 2012. Lucy’s ceramic and textile designs have become well known. Particularly her ceramic designs. Completed using both hand and spray painting.

The ceramic vases are individually crafted with clay using the slip moulding method. Liquid clay poured into a mould. When the liquid slip had become solid. Then gently taken out of the mould. And before it drys. Each piece is carefully shaped and smoothed by hand. To achieve its final finished shape. Then left to dry. When dry it is ready for the first kiln firing. With temperatures upto 1100 degrees.

After this firing. It is then ready for the application of the glaze. And hand decoration.

The technique used by Lucy is to use spray and hand painting. The background design is sprayed onto the vase. Through a stencil. Then embleshed by hand. Using a silver pen.

Upon completion of the decoration the vase is kiln fired for a second time. With temperatures reaching 1060 degrees.

Due to hand and spray painting. No two designs are identical. Ensuring that each vase is different and unique.

Stoke Art Pottery.

Established 2006. Selling high quality pottery and ceramics online.

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