Lorna Bailey Wedding Cake Special for Collectors Club


Hand Crafted & Hand Decorated Pottery.

A Wedding Cake.

Produced to commemorate the Lorna Bailey’s wedding.

During July 2002.

Given free to all members of the Collectors Club.

Personally signed on the base by Lorna Bailey.

Height 5.5cm.

Note – This item is pre-owned. It is in good condition.

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The Lorna Bailey Wedding Cake.

The Lorna Bailey Wedding Cake. Hand crafted and hand painted using traditional production production methods. Produced by Lorna Bailey Art Ware at their studio based in Stoke on Trent.

It was a special production to commemorate Lorna Bailey’s wedding during July 2002. Issued to each member of the Lorna Bailey Collectors Club.

And each one was personally signed on the base by Lorna Bailey in Blue.

The perfect gift for Lorna Bailey Collectors.

Height 5,5cm

NOTE – This item is pre-owned – It is in very good condition.

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Lorna Bailey Artware products were all produced in Stoke on Trent. Using traditional production methods. First of all.  They are hand cast. Then hand painted. Due to different brush stokes during the hand painting process. Each piece of pottery produced is different and unique.

Lorna Bailey acclaimed to be the Clarice Cliff of the future. Starting doing designs in her father’s pottery. Then in the mid 1990’s she began doing her designs under her own name. Her designs of comical cats were an instant success. As were her art deco style designs on various different shapes of vases and teapots.

However in 2008. Lorna after starting a family decided to retire. Consequently original Lorna Bailey designs are now becoming quite rare. Particularly very early designs.


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