Fields of Gold Design 30cm Vase Black Ryden Pottery


Hand Cast & Hand Decorated Art Pottery.

Made in Stoke on Trent.

Black Ryden plc – An Associate of company of Moorcroft Pottery.

Fields of Gold Design.

Designed by Anita Harris

Height 30cm.

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Height 16cm.

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Fields of Gold Design 30cm Vase.

Fields of Gold Design 30cm Vase. Hand cast and hand painted art pottery vase. Produced by Black Ryden plc. At their factory based in Stoke on Trent.

Produced in 2003. A very rare and early design from Black Ryden. Designed by Anita Harris. Illustrated on pages 11 and 12 of Edition No 1 of the Black Ryden Collectors Club Newsletter.

In fact Anita designed many of the early Black Ryden designs. Including Fields of Gold. It is not an abstract design. But carries a clear, modern design image of red poppies and golden corn. Set against a subtle pearl background. Accordingly this famous designers contribution to Black Ryden design dream. Is dramatic, fresh, tactile and inspired!

Excellent gift idea for that very special occasion. As well as for the collectors of Moorcroft Pottery, Cobridge Stoneware and Black Ryden.

Note – This item is pre-owned. It is “first quality”, and in excellent condition.

Height 30cm. Shape R31/12

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Black Ryden plc

In January 2003 Moorcroft Pottery and Associate Company, Cobridge Stoneware. Announced the launch of a new company. To be known as Black Ryden plc.

Officially launched at the Birmingham International Spring Fair on the 3 February 2003. The Trade Minister Nigel Griffiths marked the event by cutting the tape on the Black Rydens stand. Launching their inaugural art pottery exhibition.

Black Ryden was the second new art pottery to emerge from the Moorcroft stable. The first having been Cobridge Stoneware in 1998.

In addition to Anita Harris. Other designers included Kerry Goodwin, Sian Leeper and Emma Bossons.

Unfortunately due to company reorganisation and rationalisation during 2005 and 2006. Moorcroft Pottery decided to close down Cobridge Stoneware and Black Ryden.

However Anita Harris set up her own studio in Stoke on Trent. And a former Moorcroft Pottery employee, Tracy Bently. Trading as Burslem Pottery. Acquired the moulds and designs of Cobridge Stoneware vases, Together with the moulds for the Grotesque Birds designed by Andrew Hull. Inspired by the Martin Brothers at the start of the Twentieth Century.

As a result Stoke Art Pottery offer ranges of products produced by both Anita Harris Art Pottery and Burslem Pottery

Stoke Art Pottery

Established in 2006 selling high quality pottery and ceramics online. Consequently we are happy to continue to stock products produced by Anita Harris Art Pottery and Burslem Pottery.



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