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Burslem Pottery Stoneware High Fired Glazed Round Vase

Burslem Pottery Stoneware High Fired Glazed Round Vase


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This a Burslem Pottery Stoneware High Fired Glazed Round Vase. It was hand decorated then fired at a very high temperature to achieve this design.

The vase is one of the original Cobridge Stoneware shapes. Burslem Pottery acquiring all the Cobridge Stoneware moulds when they started the business in 2006. At the time Cobridge Stoneware was closed down by Moorcroft.

This high fired glaze pottery technique was first seen on the works of Ruskin Pottery in the 1930’s.

And being inspired by the work of Ruskin Pottery, Cobridge Stoneware developed their own high fired glaze products, which were continued to be produced by Burslem Pottery.

The height of this vase is 17.75cm (7 inches)

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