Anita Harris Art Pottery Hand Thrown Bottle Kiln


Hand Thrown Bottle Kiln

By Master Potter Gary Cooper.

At Gladstone Museum in Stoke on Trent.

Then hand painted at Anita Harris Art Pottery.

Personally signed on the base by Anita Harris.

In addtion to Gladstone & Gary Cooper being impressed on the base.

Height 16.5cm

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 Hand Thrown Bottle Kiln.

A Hand Thrown Bottle Kiln.

Hand thrown by the “Master Potter” Gary Cooper. At the Gladstone Musuem. Based in Longton, Stoke on Trent.

Then hand painted at Anita Harris Art Pottery.

As a result Anita Harris has personally signed it. In addition to Gladstone Pottery. And Gary Cooper being impressed on the baase.

Totally made in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

Special reactive glazes are used to give a depth and vibrancy to the design. And the several firings achieves the stunning glaze effects.

Making it a unique gift for any occasion. Wedding or Anniversary gifts. Birthday or Christmas gift ideas. And it would make an ideal retirement gift for someone who had been working in the pottery industry.

Height of this Bottle Kiln is 16.5cm

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Established in 2006. Well known for their vibrant and colourful designs. Designs described by Henry Sandon OBE and Eric Knowles, (BBC Antiques Road Show and BBC Bargain Hunt). To be “Antiques of the Future”.

Prior to setting up her own Art Pottery studio. Anita was Head of Design for ten years at Poole Pottery. designs becoming very popular with Poole Pottery collectors. In addition to successful ranges designed for many of the prestige stores. Including Harrods and John Lewis.

Then in the year 2000. Anita moved to Stoke on Trent to get married. And she became one of the Leading Designers at Moorcroft. Also producing designs for Cobridge Stoneware. And again her designs became extremely popular.

Anita now joined by her Son Peter. Claimed to have inherited the talents of his mother. Make the perfect team to continue making British Art Pottery. Produced totally in Stoke on Trent.

Having studied art design at Salisbury College of Art. And with Sarum Metalcraft. He his the perfect addition with sculpture, metal work and design skills. In fact many of his designs are already much sought after.


Establish 2006, selling high quality pottery and ceramics from Leading potters online


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