Alice in Wonderland Teapots

Alice in Wonderland Teapots.

Enjoy your cup of tea in a Alice in Wonderland Teapot. Designs by Paul Cardew.

alice in wonderland teapotsTraditional shaped teapots illustrating designs from Lewis Carroll novel, Alice in Wonderland. Including Alice Looking Through the Looking Glass, And the Mad Hatters Teaparty.

Teapots produced in three sizes. Two Cup, Four Cup and Six Cups.

In particular a great favourite is the “Betty” shaped Teapot.  Designed by Paul Cardew. Alice Looking Through The Looking Glass. A hand made hand decorated Teapot. Produced in the UK. By Ceramic Inspirations at their world famous Teapottery. Based in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

In addition to the traditonal shaped teapots. We have some fantastic hand made hand decorated teapots. Produced by Ceramic Inspirations. Specifically depicting Alice in Wonderland characters. Notably Cheshire Cat and the Dormouse. Then there is the Alice in Wonderland. “I’m Late” Pocket Watch One Cup Teapot. Especially finished with a 24ct glaze finish.

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland Teapots. Designed by Paul Cardew. As a result all the teapots have the Paul Cardew Signature Backstamp on the base.

As well as the range of teapots. We have a selection of creamers, sugar basins, cup and saucers and mugs. All with Alice in Wonderland designs.

Importantly all our prices include UK Post & Packing. And we offer world wide shipping. With discounted international shipping rates.


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