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Carters of Suffolk Teapots | All Hand Made & Hand Painted in UK

Carters of Suffolk Collectable and Novelty Teapots. 

Produced in their teapot pottery based in Suffolk UK.
Have you ever thought about a Novelty Teapots as a gift idea?

carters of suffolk teapot montage

Surprisingly Novelty Teapots make excellent gift  ideas.

And Carters of Suffolk design and make teapots. In dozens of different shapes and sizes. In fact, we believe they make a teapot. That will be a great gift idea for any occasion. Particularly for a Teapot Collector!

And as stockists for Carters of Suffolk teapots. We always have a wide range of their teapots
in stock. All available for immediate delivery. Accordingly our prices are at Teapot Pottery

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Carters of Suffolk. Established in 1978 by Tony Carter. Enjoy an international reputation. Specifically for their  design and high quality production of novelty teapots.

All the teapots are hand made using traditional production methods.  Then hand painted.

The decorators use platinum and gold glazes. To complete the detailed finish.

Due to different brush strokes during the hand painting process. No two teapots are exactly the same.

Consequently every tea pot produced is different and unique.

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