Lise B Moorcroft

Lise B Moorcroft Art Pottery all available on line for immediate delivery. Each vase by Lise B Moorcroft is individually hand painted and personally signed

Lise B Moorcroft is the Grand Daughter of William Moorcroft, and the Daughter of Walter Moorcroft OBE. As the fourth generation potter from the Moorcroft family it is plain to see, in each piece, the family heritage and unique skills.

Lise’s process is all created by hand. Traditionally thrown for the large pieces and slip cast for the smaller work. Lise applies the surface decoration using a slip trailing technique. The colour is built up over many firings, using under-glaze, numerous glazes and for fine detail, enamels. It is all finished with her distictive lustres, with the crazing being a feature of Lise’s work using those distinctive lustre glazes.